About Us eReinsure

Founded in 1999, eReinsure is the leading online (re)insurance Engagement Platform.

eReinsure's secure technology and roles based access management, collaborative workflow, data exchange, reporting and integration enables companies to network with their business partners anywhere in the world while supporting the necessary business and regulatory controls.

Company History

Salt Lake City eReinsure was founded in 1999 to develop Internet-based applications for the (re)insurance market. The founders saw an opportunity to change the traditional model of information technology deployment in the (re)insurance market by developing web-hosted applications that can be accessed via a standard internet browser. This cloud computing approach is having a profound effect on the costs of information systems in other industries and offers a powerful model to the (re)insurance market. London

The technology opportunity is supported by the evolving XML (extensible markup language) standards that assist in the integration of web-hosted systems and legacy back-office processing systems. The first area of focus for eReinsure was the development of a "front-office" reinsurance placing system, the eReinsure negotiation platform. This was a logical first step in introducing the collaborative benefits of an engagement platform that holds information centrally and can be easily accessed by multiple parties to a transaction.

The eReinsure team has years of experience drawn from the insurance, reinsurance and technology fields.