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The eReinsure Advantage

eReinsure facilitates control, data accuracy, security, and drives efficiency and transparency in transactions.

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Reinsurance Platform

eReinsure is the leading online platform for managing the placing of reinsurance. The system networks together major carriers, brokers and reinsurers, creating a trusted environment for information exchange, negotiation and automation.

eReinsure solutions provide a better way to manage Facultative reinsurance transactions, lowering cost, improving control, enhancing data quality, transparency and supporting greater efficiency. eReinsure offers ease of use and high standards of data security plus supports JSON and XML messaging for accurate transfer of data to other systems.

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Advantages with eReinsure

eReinsure facilitates control, enhances precision, ensures data security, saves distribution cost and drives efficiency and transparency in transactions.

Lowering Costs through Digital Distribution

eReinsure is the heart of a reinsurance network – linking major carriers, reinsurers and brokers and helping them lower costs through digital distribution.

eReinsure’s API’s can integrate the network with the participants’ own systems creating digital pathways for transactions.

Distribution + Control = Efficiency

eReinsure provides an efficient framework for market security and process controls and tracks where you are buying fac and why. It also serves as a robust audit trail.

The improved data creates opportunities for automation in submission, quoting and binding together with more effective reinsurance management.

eReinsure supports regulatory requirements and consistently implements the latest standards of security and privacy, ensuring your electronic transactions are safe.

Data + Control = Quality

When using eReinsure as your facultative reinsurance placement platform you have a powerful data repository that empowers your business decisions. We increase the overall quality of the reinsurance transaction by validating data and reducing the potential for human errors.

eReinsure is a platform designed to manage the workflow and securely and efficiently exchange and protect transaction data.

Having the ability to slice and dice your data through analytics tools will enable you to view your business through lenses that may not be readily available today.

Distribution + Data = Transparency

Moving risk to capital has historically been a labor intensive and costly process. eReinsure supports competitive bidding and a structured engagement with external parties, helping both sides of the transaction to achieve contract certainty by having a shared view of the agreements.

eReinsure’s aim has always been to reduce the “total cost of distribution” through increased efficiency – streamlining myriad formats to achieve improved levels of structured data and enabling this data to be more transparent and useful for management reporting and analytics.


Why do companies choose to use eReinsure?

eReinsure brings a track record of over 20 years of real experience in the marketplace. It is a software service proven to add value and lower costs.

We offer a single outwards interface for the purchase of Fac, access to automated capacity, transaction transparency, systems integration and control over the reinsurance process. Additional capabilities help monitor delegated authority. Behind the user interface lies high quality, secure, and readily available data.

eReinsure is also ideal for distributed and remote working environments, helping companies evolve to meet the needs of changing times.

Data Capture

Customization and configuration for a complete audit trail.

Data Security

Encrypted data management and storage. Controlled access.

Global Platform

Worldwide system access with SSO. Multi-currency, UTF-8 Code set/Global Language support, user level date preferences.


Standard offer/acceptance negotiation including endorsements and cancellations, plus optional facility, internal, special acceptance, and treaty workflows.


Phone and email support, live training, videos and user guides.


A variety of roles-based access for underwriters, market security, claims, management, accounting, etc.


Robust reporting on platform activity, premium, responsiveness, open items, etc.


REST API, Webhooks, XML, OAuth2 Token Authentication, SFTP Delivery, + much more.

Document Management

eReinsure Library, Certificate building, Drag and Drop file upload, etc.

Market Security

Wide range of controls for market access/visibility, binding with unapproved markets, approval by legal entity, class of business, etc.


Instant email notification at each step of negotiation, closing notices, SMS notifications, reminders on outstanding items.


Live reporting on transactions by branch, underwriter, line of business and subsidiaries. Centralized market security officer. Process control and audit. Submission and bind approval.

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